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Read, watch, like, share, and comment on their links on social media. Reading and watching gives you the opportunity to give that valuable feedback that we talked about. Also, on social media like youtube and facebook, views matter. The more views they get, the more facebook and youtube will recommend their content to potential customers. Liking and subscribing are easy, and you can set up your accounts so that no one sees your likes, so that you don’t have to worry about your network seeing your supporting your friend as endorsing their actual product.

Sharing is a little harder since sharing often means endorsement. While you may think your friend is the most amazing person in the world, you may not think that those wrap things work. You may not want to share a link to their book on fetishism because you don’t even get down like that (or you may not admit to it – no judgment here). Share it if it is a fit for you or what you do. For example, many of my blogger friends are moms, and but many of my facebook friends from high school and college are not. If they post something about homeschooling, I share it in the homeschool group – not necessarily on my facebook wall. If they post something about blogging, I may share that in my blogger support groups. Some of us have family groups, high school groups, college alumni groups, all sorts of places where information can be shared.