Meet Joanna of! She is a travel and lifestyle blogger who you can find on YouTube making us envious of her natural hairstyles. Joanna shared some of what it is like to have a Caribbean mom in this quick interview. Get to know Joanna and how she is influenced by her Trinidadian heritage.

Socamom: Tell us about yourself!

Joanna: I am the founder of, a travel and lifestyle blog documenting my personal travels. I also offer travel, beauty, fashion tips and more. I take pride in my Trinidadian heritage and I am interested in Caribbean and world culture.

Socamom: Growing up, what was it about having a Caribbean mom that makes you different from your friends from America?

Joanna: I wasn't scared of my mother, but it almost seemed like my siblings and I were taught to respect our parents more than my friends were. I couldn't just say or do whatever I wanted. There was no question as to who was the parent, and who was the child. There was always order in the house.

Socamom: Tell us about a time that you realized that your mom was different from other moms.

Joanna: My mother didn't play when it came to school or work. She encouraged friendships, but if school or housework wasn't done, friends came second.  My friends’ parents seemed to have a "let them live their life" attitude.

Socamom: Is there something about being from the Caribbean that has shaped who you are personally and or professionally? What is it?

Joanna: As I got older, I learned to embrace my culture. I didn't see many of my friends practicing traditions or being interested in their background as much as my family.

Socamom: How do others (co-workers, friends, family) benefit from you being of Caribbean descent?

Joanna: When I come back from Trinidad, snacks and pepper sauce are a must for my co-workers.

Socamom: Growing up, how did your mom keep you connected to Caribbean Culture? How do you keep yourself connected now?

Joanna: We always listened to steel pan growing up and attended kiddie's carnival for Labor Day in NYC.

Socamom: What is your favorite Caribbean Mom Quote?

Joanna: “All skin teet eh laugh,”  which means - when someone smiles at you, it doesn’t mean that that person is your friend or someone you can trust.

Socamom: What are your favorite 3 Caribbean dishes? Do you make them, wait for friends or family to make them, or go to a restaurant?

Joanna: Jamaican stewed peas, curry goat and bake and shark. I can make the curry goat.  I'd have to get Grandma to make the bake and shark, and a friend's mom to make the stewed peas.

Socamom: If you could move to any Caribbean country, which one would you move to and why?

Joanna: I would love to move to Barbados. I had a great time visiting, the food was great, and the people were so laid back.

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