Girls in ICT Day: Nerissa Golden Encourages Caribbean Women and Girls to Learn to Code

Caribbean Girls Can Code ICT Day 2014 ::

There are events going on all over the world celebrate Girls in ICT Day (Information and Communications Technology). Author and tech evangelist, Nerissa Golden of Montserrat is not only speaking with high school students, but she is also featuring stories of women who code on her website,


For the entire playlist, click here.

Her campaign, Caribbean Girls Can Code, provides videos of women of Caribbean heritage who develop web applications, solve real world issues and are making a difference in their communities and in the technological space.

“There are many women who are intimidated by technology and we wanted to show that there is no need to be and that you can start where you are with the present knowledge that you have,” says Golden. “Some of the women featured taught themselves while others went to school to learn programming but all are using what they know to bring change and to improve the world in which we live."

Why do our girl children need to learn to code? They are coming up in a world that will be dominated by ICT jobs by 2020, with very few people qualified to fill them. You want to increase your baby girl's earning potential? Help her secure her future? Look for programs that support her IT education.

Students in Montserrat watching my video - Photo credit Nerissa Golden

I was featured in the video series with amazing tech leaders such as Jamaican Mobile App Developer Roxanne Wanliss and Angelica O’Donoghue of the Antigua Chronicle. To find an event near you, visit | Nerissa Golden on Twitter | Girls in ICT website |

I will be participating in the DC event, a Twitter chat at 2:00 pm EST with the two most senior women in techology at the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Commissioner Clyburn & Commissioner Rosenworcel - for more information, click here.

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