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Eva Greene-Wilson is the Editor and Chief Blogger of, an award winning personal blog and website for Caribbean parents.  Her blog posts have been featured on, and republished in b3 Caribbean Magazine (print and online) and Outlish Magazine (online).  She has interviewed Essence Editor in chief Constance White, Fashion trailblazer Anya Ayoung-Chee, Jamaican TV personality and beauty queen, Kamila McDonald Alcock, Trinidadian stage and screen actress Hazelle Goodman, and other leaders in the Caribbean community about connecting children to Caribbean culture and balancing motherhood, higher education, and career.

Eva Greene-Wilson was most recently honored with two Black Weblog Awards - Best New Blog and Best Parenting Blog.

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What is again?

First, "Soca" is a form of Caribbean music that I love.  My family is from Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of Soca. is a blog on steroids.  I blog here, you can blog here in your individual profile, and we have guest bloggers who write daily for their own blogs, but share information here as well. is a valuable, entertaining resource for Caribbean Moms, and moms in general - Heck, if you have a mom or a mom-like figure in your life - or not... you'll find something on you like. is for parents of all ages, races, and backgrounds.  Learning about how other mothers handle raising a family is how motherhood knowledge has been passed on since the beginning of time. continues that tradition using humor, sympathy, technology, and education.

We hope that you find some useful information on  When you find it, don’t keep it to yourself!  We have several ways for you to share our community with others.  If you read something you like or something that you think will be of interest to a friend of family member, tweet it or share it on Facebook.  Join our community and jump into the forum - express your opinion and share your own experiences.  Welcome to!  We are glad you are here.


Note from Eva:

Yeah, I am a little different. And that is okay.

I update my "About" fairly often because let's face it - things change.  I started blogging back in 2003 with an online contest that I was running called, "Who Wants to Marry My Brother."  I was a totally different person then - one child, not married.  Now I am up to three kids, and one terrific hubby.  The web has changed quite a bit since then too.  I was doing all of my own programming and design, entirely in HTML, no databases, and blogging on the now defunct

My geeky-ness and charm (tee-hee!) landed me my equally geeky husband - who introduced me to this wonderful thing called PHP, and the real power of the content management system.  I started designing websites for other people, having babies, and building a real grown up life, and still - I was different, and still - it was okay.

Once you have kids, or nieces and nephews, you start to look at them and wonder, "where on earth did THEY come from?"  What made them like they are?  Which means you have to ask yourself, "why am I the way I am?"  Why do I say what I say and do what I do the way I do it? In 2009, I decided I was going to find out, and write about it.  Well, in 2009, I reserved the domain name - - but with two toddlers at home, who had time?

One of my BFF's from college had her own blog, Queenocracy, and she talked me into going to Blogalicious in Miami.  I had no blog at that point, and when she called me a week before the conference and asked me for my itinerary, I told her I'd call her right back, made my flight arrangements - and emailed them to her.  She gave me plenty of notice, I just totally forgot.  The idea was very well received by the people I met there, so in April of 2011, I got started.

I decided I was going to write about Caribbean American Parenting.  I was different, and my kids were different - and that is definitely okay.

My official launch was during Caribbean American Heritage month in June of 2011. I've ended up writing about all kinds of things, and I love it!  I write about movies, children's activities, products, fashion, my life, travel, technology - whatever my interests are, I write about them... and there are a lot of them.

As you settle in to (set up your profile, start thinking of guest posts, follow on Twitter and Facebook, stuff like that is what I mean by "settle in") I hope that you will visit this page again to see what else has changed.  Something might be a little different - and that's okay.


Eva is SocaMom!


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