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2013 Conferences - Sponsor

Just as one conference season ends, another begins!

I am so excited to put together my conference schedule for 2013.  Now that I have my calendar set up, let's talk about that "S" word - sponsorship!


Sponsor at conferences in 2013Q: What sponsorships do you accept?

A: In only accept sponsorship from brands with products, services, and causes that I actually use and support. Preference is given to products that I will actually be using during the conference.  Integrity is important to me, so I do not promote brands that I feel uncomfortable supporting, that I am not familiar with, or that I would not use myself or with my family.

Q: What can you do to promote my brand?

A: Promotion of your brand begins before I leave for the conference with my highly popular conference packing list post.  Since I am a stickler for conference rules and guidelines, I do not distribute materials for sponsors to conference attendees.  Truthfully, attendees get so much stuff from vendors, your message will get lost in all the other "stuff" they get.  One of the best ways that I share my sponsors products is WHILE I am using them by taking photos and posting videos with the conference hashtag.  My creativity is one of the bonuses that brands get for working with me. Use the form on the right to request a proposal tailored to help me share your message with my audience.

Q: Does sponsoring a blogger actually pay off for the brands?

A: Oh yes - yes it does. These days, many consumers, activists, and the general public are getting more and more of their information about brands and causes from bloggers.  Bloggers are a trusted source of first hand information on products and services.  With blog readers going to their favorite bloggers for advice on everything from educational tools and cell service, to clothing, cars, and feminine hygiene products, getting the eyes and ears of the blogging community on your product, service, or cause is a priority.  Reviews, photos, videos, and personal stories that capture the vision of your product and attract motivated buyers is literally like money in the bank.

Example: I wore a FABULOUS pair of gold tone jeans from NY and Company at one of the largest women's blogging conferences, BlogHer. After taking a photo, tweeting, and posting it on Facebook, a direct message asking where I got the pants ended in a purchase of TWO pairs of pants from NY and Company before the weekend was over.

So am I "model" thin? Nope. Am I a "fashion" blogger? Not even.  What I AM is a mom of three who was told to get "sparkly" for the annual Sparklecorn party at BlogHer 2012 - and I did.... and I tweeted... and I posted... and those pants SOLD. With thousands of people following conference hashtags, cell phone and tablet pics flying around Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - your product, service, or cause definitely gets exposure - from a trusted source - an influencer.

Use the form on the right to get more information on how to sponsor my clothing for a conference.

Q: What does it cost to sponsor at a conference?

A: Pricing varies depending on the services that we provide for your brand, and the amount of exposure that you would like to have. Use the links on the right under "Conference Sponsorship" to choose one of our standard packages, and upload your logo.  To discuss a custom package, complete the form on the right.

Example: Sponsorship packages can include sponsored posts, pre-conference event/party hosting, products for use and review during the conference, or any other creative, and ethical, means that is attractive to the brand and fits my audience.

Q: Don't you already share information on what you love with your readers?

A: Absolutely.  I share my opinions for free. Once I have decided that I love something, and a brand would like further promotion of their product in more innovative, creative ways - that is a service that I provide through  My degree is in Marketing, and the product promotion and advertising part of my job as a blogger has fees associated with it. The great thing about sponsoring me, a blogger whose opinion is trusted by their readers, is that my readers know when I am compensated for writing a post, and they understand that my opinions are not for sale.

Example:On the way to BlogHer 2012, I was using earphones from House of Marley, that were sent to me for review long before the conference. After reviewing the earphones, they became my earphones of choice (honestly, I fell in love...). I tweeted about the headphones that I was using during the 4 hour trip on the train as well as the music that I was listening to with the BlogHer hashtag. I was not compensated for talking about the earphones during the conference - I just shared information with my audience because I want to introduce them to products that I use and love.

Q: Love it! How do I get started?

A: Complete the form on the right to request a passcode to review the sponsorship packages, discuss creative promotions for your brand, and to get started with - the earlier I share your brand with my audience, the better.

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