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One of my missions is to provide ways to help parents keep their kids (or get their kids) connected to Caribbean culture.  If you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooling parent, you can use our activity pages to introduce your children to the Caribbean region.  One great way to familiarize your children, students, or yourself with a region, is to get the names of the countries in that region.  Word searches are a fun way to practice spelling too!

Game: Set the timer and see who can find the most words in 10 minutes.  My husband and I do this on the same page, and just see who can find the most. I don't recommend doing that with someone who is as competitive as we are... especially if your pencil is sharp - someone could get injured.

Let me know how you like this activity page, how long it took you or the kids, and what other types of activity pages that you think you and your children or students would enjoy.

For instant download (8.5 x 11 PDF), click here: icon Caribbean Word Search

For more activity pages to introduce your children and students to the Caribbean region, click here: icon The Caribbean

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