Too Young to Soca: Kids and Soca Music... Do They Mix?

Kids and Soca Music... Do They Mix?Okay, so Soca isn't the most child-friendly genre of music.

I want to keep my kids connected to Caribbean culture and the music that I grew up with even though I lived in the US.  When they listen to the music, they don’t understand much, but I do.  I understand that MOST of the current, popular songs are about sex.

So I decided to go back to the songs that I grew up listening to… um… looks like lots of those were about sex too.  So I said, okay, I guess I need to go all the way back to Calypso… wow… some of those too!  Granted, most of the songs from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are less overtly sexual, and use a lot of hidden messages and double entendre – but it is still there, and my kids are good at decoding whatever I don't want them to.

There are a few songs that I have found that are fun for the kids to dance to, and have reasonable lyrics, but when I load them up on Pandora or Rhapsody – the album covers are insane!

I have to hurry up and minimize the screen or keep my phone on the home screen so that the kids don’t see it.  I am not a full on prude, but seriously, some just have naked women… that’s it.  And THAT is not a recent thing.  Some of the explicit covers date back over 25 years!  Here are some from the VERY popular “Soca Gold” series and some from one of my favorite Caribbean music pioneers, Byron Lee.

I have a few current favorite artists from whom I can get some good, reasonably clean music that the kids and I can dance to after dinner.  I don’t necessarily let them watch the videos, but I can’t have EVERYTHING, can I?

I guess I will just have to create my ultimate playlist (sans album covers), or a DC and go with that.  Do you let your kids listen to soca?  What clean(ish) songs are in your playlist, that your kids love?

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