At PANorama in Virginia Beach (VIDEOS)

Okay, so I was a little bit biased - or as my parents would say - "beeassed".  My baby boy was playing for CAFE - and to me, they took it.  I have three videos on here of their set, and you need to watch THESE at home...


So here's the report.  The day was gorgeous!  CAFE students, teachers, families and chaperones stayed at the Atrium Resort which was within walking distance of the park where the event was held.  The kids were excited as soon as they walked in, heard the splashing, and caught a whiff of the chlorine.  The pool was literally in the middle of the hotel... very cool.  The room had a full kitchen with a microwave/oven (yep, they exist), full size fridge, dinner table that seated four, a flat screen in the living room - which had a couch that turned into a full size sofa and a flat screen TV, and a master bedroom with what looked like a king size bed and a flat screen TV.

We got to the park around ten.  We stopped at McDonalds on the way for breakfast with the kids and parents, but some of the parents weren't eating.  I was eavesdropping, and found out some parents had bake at the park waiting for them!  After breakfast, we took the short walk over to the park.  No mosquitoes or ants... just a gazillion ladybugs!  It was the craziest thing I had ever seen. I only have video of a couple of bands other than CAFE because I was saving my battery power.  It was worth it.  The groups were good - but hands down... well you watch.

Oh no - they weren't done...

It was a long day - from 10 am to judging at 7 pm - but thank goodness our little ones went right after lunch time.  The group you just finished watching won their division, but was really upset not to win Grand Champion.  The elementary school group won their division too.  Check them out...

I'll post new videos and photos from the trip soon.  I had never been to Virginia Beach.  Stay tuned to find out what we learned about the vacation spot.

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