Caribbean Heritage Festival

Although it was 90 degrees, it was a beautiful day at the park in Bladensburg for the Caribbean Heritage Festival.  There were plenty of vendors, food, music, and giveaways.  We walked with our chairs and cooler, but we didn't have to.  There was a covered area with tables near the stage where you could sit down and eat.  Two of the vendors were actually design clients of mine! Another vendor was selling items made by another design client of mine.  The world is small...

Overall it was a nice day.  We brought the soccer ball for the kids, sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and snacks.  My husband passed out cards letting people know that we were looking for writers for the site, and I met a few wonderful people who were interested.  We left about an hour before it was scheduled to end, and missed the Image Band.

When we left, the line at The Taste of the Caribbean booth was STILL long.  I took a picture of it - couldn't believe it.  The owners say that something about the banners we did for them draws a huge crowd at every event they go to.  Mission accomplished!

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