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Me time redefined: Feel refreshed in half the time

When a working mom is overworked, "me" time seems like wishful thinking.  Who has time to spend several hours at a hair salon or even an hour for a pedicure or massage?  Here are a few ways to get you feeling refreshed without losing productivity.

Dry Water Massage1. Get a massage.  You can get a massage in just a few minutes without the undressing, muss, and fuss.  At some salons you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and massage without getting a single drop of water on you. Listen to your favorite music on cushioned headphones while you relax and get pampered. It is a wonderful way to take a quick break from the stresses of the day. It is great for a mid-day "pick me up" or an after work wind down. It is affordable, fast, and effective in relieving stress and tension.

Simply Enjoy Brand2. Get yourself a special snack.  Sometimes moms (and dads) end up dining on macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers more often than they would like to. Grocery stores like Safeway and Giant in the DC metro area have gourmet foods sections.  When you go to the store to get the kids' daily fare, make a quick stop in the gourmet food aisle or look for store brands like Safeway Select (get a full description of the brands at  or Simply Enjoy and pop a little something extra in the oven that is just for the grown ups in the house.

3. Add some polish. So you don't have time for a full manicure?  Run into your local salon for a polish change.  In just a few minutes and for just a few dollars, you can freshen up your hands, and your outlook on the rest of the day!

"Me" time is a must for the busy working mom.  Even if you are super busy, try to find at least half an hour each day for you and only you.  If you do it daily, that is three and a half hours for you every week - you, your family, and your co-workers will see the difference that 30 minutes a day can make.

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Eva the author of Anancy's Family Reunion, and the winner of the 2012 Black Weblog Awards for Best Parenting Blog and Best New Blog. Find her on Twitter at @socamomdc.

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