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Mom's night out DC Meetup: FREE performance by Alma Tropicália at the Kennedy Center

Socamom at the   Mom's night out: FREE performance by Alma Tropicália at the Kennedy Center

Thanks to Alma Tropicália, Target, and the Kennedy Center, last night's Mom's Night Out was amazing!  Millenium Stage is still the best cheap date night in the city (considering that it is free,with a free shuttle from the metro), and with the Happy Hour Series, it is a great way to relax for an hour after work (seriously, it is only an hour).  It is just an hour if you get there on time, but Millenium Stage is no secret, so you should be there early.... really early - like by 5.  You can mingle, eat light snacks, and have drinks. If you are leaving the kids, it is only an hour.  If you are bringing the kids, again, only an hour.

By the second song, everyone was dancing! The mix of soul, samba, and the sixties had young and old, couples and singles, moms and kids (there were moms and dads dancing cheek to cheek, and swinging their hips with their babies and toddlers - gotta love DC!) on the dance floor - no one was immune to the beat. When they announced where they were performing next, I heard whispers around me as people asked each other what and where - but when the music started up again all was forgotten. See photos on our Facebook page.

So if you missed the performance, see them again during a Brazilian Carnival party by Artisphere on Saturday September 10th at 9 pm for the DC Shorts Film Festival. For more information, go to  For tickets, go to

The next meetup is on August 30th at the Socacize bootcamp at the Trinidad and Tobago clubhouse.  More music and dancing - don't miss it!

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