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[PHOTOS] Ever Wondered How Roti Is Made? Private Chef Gives #Roti (Dhal Pourie) Lesson

Roti Class by Chef Cherry_20So we all love to eat roti, right? It would be a lot easier to get if all you had to do was go to the grocery store, pick up a few things, and do it yourself, right? Is it really that easy?  A crew of us got together in a private home to find out. Click here to find out what her students thought!(Now before you click on "contact us" and ask me about how to get into a class - don't worry - all that is coming!)


I have been getting "lessons" on how to cook roti for the last 8 years from my cousin, who happened to be teaching the class.  Now, am I that horrible of a cook that it took me 8 years to get it? Maybe. I am thinking it has more to do with the shiny new, only slightly (by slightly, I mean once) used tawa in my pot cabinet.  I did it for the first time just a few days before the class, and apparently all of the lessons worked!  The kids liked it and got seconds.  That is saying a lot considering that they have had, and love, their cousin's roti. Cherry's cooking has a cult following. If I am having a party, the FIRST thing people ask is, "Is Cherry cooking?", as if that will determine whether or not they RSVP!  I could be upset about it, but I totally understand it.


I am a member of a group, and I suggested one of Cherry's classes as an activity.  Her prices are reasonable (VERY reasonable if I help out, smile, AND say pretty please), so we had a good size group of people from Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands - and one member of the group who had a HUGE kitchen volunteered to host it.  So early on Sunday afternoon, my husband removed the third seat from the truck, and we packed up everything (no really, she basically brings the whole kitchen, minus the tile and the sink... wait... she brought her water), we headed out.  I had a feeling this would be different from the intimate couples setting where the guy shows off his Caribbean cooking skills for his lady with Chef Cherry's help. This one was all hands on, you make it, you take it.

Everyone got into it - literally.  Students took turns frying pholouri for the appetizer, which was served with mango chutney, mango sauce, or hot pepper sauce.  Flour was flying, I was ducking rolling pins and dablah's, cooking oil flowed, and flames danced under the tawa.... okay - so it wasn't that dramatic - but it was a BLAST! Each person got a chance to hand grind peas in a mill, roll their dough, fill it with seasoned peas, roll it out, put it on the tawa, turn it with their own dablah, which they got to keep, bag it up, and eat it either right there at the table, or in their "to go" boxes.  It wasn't JUST roti though... There was pumpkin, curry mango, curry chicken, beef patties, pholouri, homemade coconut ice cream, and sorrel.  Everyone had a fabulous time! Check out the event reviews...


Now, to the reason you even read this whole thing.. or skimmed it... not that I am accusing you of anything, that's just what I'D do.  Chef Cherry provides cooking demos private lessons and private chef services for parties, get-togethers, and events.  Email her at  She gives classes in Buss Up Shut (which is amazing to watch by the way), Curry Meats of all kinds, Vegetarian Curry, Caribbean Desserts, Jerk chicken, and more. You can choose your menu and level of involvement, and based on that, the date, and the location, you get a price quote per person. If you are charging for your party, you can do it through paypal on your own, or through her vendor - Up to you.  If there is an event that is open to the public, an online cooking demo, or a class that is open for registration, I will make sure that it is posted here, so follow us on twitter, become a fan on facebook, and use your facebook or Twitter ID to join so that you can be the first to know and register.  The classes fill up quickly. Click here to find out why!

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