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The Hills of Jamaica Have Something For YOU!

We women know the value of nurturing, don't we?

We nurture our families and our friendships by way of our attention, our energy, our insights, and our love.

This is wonderful because we get to pour our hearts into the people we love, and they show us how much they appreciate that by giving us love as well.

But here's the thing...

Our nurturing trait tends to be focused outward, leaving us with a huge gap in our own wellness.

You know what I mean. We give of ourselves, and we wait until a crisis of some sort is within our view (health scare, weight gain, higher-than-usual stress levels) before we start channeling some of that nurturing INWARD.

You CAN nurture your family AND honor yourself.  You CAN give your body the attention it deserves, even when your schedule is insane!

Want to learn how to integrate wellness into your daily habits?

How about learning easy, quick techniques to bring yourself back to center when your work-life efforts feel off kilter?

We have a few slots left for The Core Connection Lifestyle Yoga + Wellness Retreat in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Join us, and regain your inner nurturing skills!

Author Profile: Akilah Richards

Writer, Speaker, Life Design Practitioner.

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