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#Caribbean #Vegan? Taymer Mason (@veganinthesun) Makes it Do-able...

Many of you love our test kitchen challenges, and the test kitchen recipes that my husband and I come up with on our date nights in the kitchen. If you are vegan... probably not.  My husband is a strict meat-a-tarian, and the kids have followed suit.  Recently, a friend of mine's husband (she blogs at Queenocracy - @towandal on Twitter) told me that her husband was going to eat vegan for a month.  I admit, I wrinkled my nose up at her... maybe rolled my eyes a little...

Today, I am doing my random searches, and I found Taymer Mason's site.  If you are looking to spice up your diet, clean up your diet, try something new, or put a spin on your current eating plan, you can start on her site - VEGAN IN THE SUN. There are no new posts as of July of this year, but you could spend hours on the posts from the last two years (back to June 2009).  You can check her out on facebook, or on twitter or you can buy her book available here.  She has kid friendly recipes, and if you have kids with allergies, this may be a great alternative for your family.

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