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#GIVEAWAY - When you share a birthday weekend with Jesus...

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree - Socamom.comGrowing up, we didn't do much at all with Christmas after I turned 6. That year, we had a Christmas tree that resembled the one from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  We went out in the yard and picked the saddest looking pine tree - it was hardly taller than I was.  We shopped for the presents for ourselves... and wrapped them - sorta.  My brother and I got up on Christmas morning with little fanfare, opened the totally surprise-free gifts, then went outside to enjoy the rest of our day off.  And that was it. Last time I ever had a tree in my house.

So, when you share a birthday weekend with Jesus, who is like the most popular guy - ever - guess whose party people are going to? Hint: Not Yours.

Once the Christmas celebration became a thing of the past at our house, it was my birthday that I had to look forward to.  At first, I figured I was pretty lucky because unlike my brother with his summer birthday, I was going to get presents AROUND the Christmas holiday, so I wouldn't miss not having Christmas... not one bit.  What I didn't think about was the fact that everyone was busy telling the Lord "Happy Birthday" and weren't even thinking about little ol' me.  People either looked at me with a sympathetic "awwww, honey" in their eyes when they found out my birth date or they would ask me - "Wow! Do you get double presents?"  My answer was a simple "no", because my mother raised me right, but my mind was racing with painfully sarcastic responses.


Crappy Birthday by NorthStar Games - Giveaway!Eventually birthday shopping came down a visit to the day after Christmas sales with some cash from my parents.  One year my mom gave me a 12 pack of Sprite and a check. Nice.

Another year, we went to Trinidad for Christmas, and my brother spent basically the whole time searching for a gift to bring back to the states for his girlfriend at the time... forgot all about my birthday - ended up running out that night and getting me a tiny steel pan on a black shoestring (Still not over that one).  It looked like a teenie tiny cocoa tin lid.

So for everyone who has had one, or many crappy birthdays in their lives - I have a game for you! (No seriously, I have a game for you. You can enter right here on the site to win one.)

I played this game at for the first time at Blogalicious in DC this year, and instantly fell in love.  Once I played, I was hooked.  It literally takes about a minute to get the rules explained to all of the players, then it is on!  THIS is a hilarious party game... I will post video soon.  Crappy Birthday is a game by NorthStar Games that makes giving and receiving bad gifts a whole lot of fun!

My birthday is rolling around again shortly, and now that I have kids, my birthday consists of a little shopping at and dinner at Ruth's Chris, then hustle back to the kids grandma's house to make sure they can eat and open presents... *Sigh*  These days I am thankful that I have another birthday to celebrate with family and friends... and I guess there could be worse folks to share a birthday weekend with, right?

Enter to win "Crappy Brithday" by tweeting the following: I am entered to win the grown up party game "Crappy Birthday" from @socamomgiveaway and @socamomdc. Win yours!

Be sure to follow @socamomdc and @socamomgiveaway - we will notify the winner via direct message!

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