7 Ways You Can Support Your Entrepreneurial Friend Without Spending a Dime


Even if Oprah was your BFF, you couldn’t support EVERYTHING she did…

All of us have friends who are doing amazing things, and we all want to support them, right? Right. There will be many times that whatever your friend is selling, you just don’t want, need, or like. That’s okay. You can support your friends and family without spending a dime or filling up your bookshelves with books that you will never read. Did you know that? If you did, would you support them? If not, feel free to click on something else.

First things first, set the ground rules for your support and tell your friend or family member what you will and won’t, can and don’t do. If you aren’t spending any money, let them know that up front, so that they aren’t constantly trying to sell you something that you have no intention of buying. If you actually want to invest time, even just a little, in their success, here are seven things that you can do to support your friends’ and family’s business ventures without going broke in the process.

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