Caribbean Mom Chat: 10 Tips for Choosing the BEST Caribbean Party During Carnival and Beyond

Nails, hairdo, fresh cut, outfit, getting selfie ready… partying is time consuming, but the right one can be worth everything you did to prepare. Beyond the daily soca dance parties with the kids in the house, I don’t party all that much. I look at the flyers and invitations and think, “will it be worth my time, money, and/or energy?” I mean, I am a mom of three, so all of the aforementioned resources are precious and limited. 

So you bought an outfit for the white party, only to find you should have worn black because the party dead?

When you are considering whether or not you will go to the week’s festivities around Carnival, you do the parent calculation…

Let’s say… 3 fetes x $150 each (yes, they are that much) = $450…

  • That’s a month’s worth of groceries.
  • That is phone bill for land line and cell… TV and internet too. I can even throw in the premium channel splurge that gets me Insecure and Power.
  • That is gymnastics lessons for how many months?
  • That is two months of travel soccer dues.
  • That’s an end of summer cookout.
  • That’s a cruise to the Bahamas.
  • That is (almost) three months of karate.
  • That is six months of a GOOD gym membership.
  • That’s a lot of paint for the house… I need to paint.
  • That is electricity, gas, water, and trash for nearly two months.
  • That is four date nights with the hubby.
  • That is twice a month maid service for two months (as if that was really a thing, but paying that much for a party can make you feel like you have rich people problems).
  • That’s three months of lawn care (now that the oldest is in college).
  • That’s ten private music lessons.
  • That’s almost four years of Netflix!

So you can see how choosing the wrong party, and letting $450 go to waste could be devastating. On Caribbean Mom Chat, we talked with Deanna, AKA @dyschick about how to choose the BEST parties so as not to be living in regret about your choice to spend your hard earned money for a fete.

So you paid good money for your ticket and the headliner isn’t who you thought it was… DJ is questionable… and the dance floor is clean, clean, CLEAN? Let’s never let this happen again. 

Twitter chat attendees chimed in with their ideas and shared their experiences as well.

Here is some of @DysChick’s advice to help you find the best #Caribbean party… click on the GO TO THIS TWEET to see other responses and comments. Click on the hashtag to see more tweets from the chat.


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