7 Caribbean Romance Books to Download This Valentine’s Day

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day. There was always so much pressure in elementary school to BE loved, evidenced by getting at least one Valentine (thank goodness many parents insisted that their kids give everyone in the class a Valentine, or else I likely would have been Charlie Brown), in high school to reciprocate love and give a carnation to whoever gave you one (what really sucked is how awkward it was if you believed, based on good intel, that someone was going to get you a carnation, and you only got them one because of that… then the intel was wrong, and not only did you waste a dollar, but this person thinks you like them when… well… you get it), and in college to avoid love… no one wanted to be caught at Red Lobster anywhere near Valentine’s day and be labeled as “taken.”

Maybe I just wasn’t a fan of pressure. Reading about love was something that was infinitely easier. My friend consumed romance novels like they were in a heart shaped box of candy, with no nasty ones. I wasn’t into them like that, but I enjoyed a good love story every now and then – the subtle stuff – not necessarily the hot and heavy. Nothing about “sweaty bodies” being “intertwined” was attractive to me at that age so…

Now that I am an adult, I get it. Love is complex, and exciting, and on the outside looking in (into a novel, not a window), it is pretty entertaining! So for a pressure free Valentine’s day, look no further than our list of romance novels to download.  If you are a member of the Caribbean Book Club, you know how much we LOVE love over there! Here are 10 books that you can download and check out this Valentine’s Day. These are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

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