Carnival Face Paint Tutorial: Beyond the Butterfly

No kiddies Carnival in your area? That’s okay! Get your kids to feel like they are part of the parade with Carnival face paint!

Carnival Face Paint: Beyond the Butterfly

Baby girl LOVES to get her face painted.  I mean LOVES it.  It is hard to get her to get anything other than that butterfly and maybe a unicorn… maybe.

Most Carnival parades start in the morning around 10, so you would want to make sure to keep the paint away from the mouth since they’ll probably be eating shortly after they get there.  You may also want to consider that depending on the day, it may be pretty hot.  I would suggest bringing an extra washcloth and maybe a bottle of water so that you can start to remove the face paint as they get tired of it, it runs, or it gets sweaty.

She and I both had a ball with this one, although you can’t tell from her face in the beginning. She frowned a lot because I wouldn’t let her see it… Now she’s prancing around to soca music like she’s a Carnival queen!

Also test an area before you really get started so that you can be sure your child doesn’t have a reaction to the face paint.

She really loves butterfly facepaint... really.

Different day, same butterfly.

You’ll need brushes and sponges.  I got the ones you see – all of them and some that aren’t in the photograph, for about $6.   The face paint is a little more expensive, but if you are just painting your own kids faces every now and then, it lasts for a really long time.

What do you do with your kids during the Carnival parade in your area to get them involved?  Here’s a fun at home activity – get out the glitter, glue, paint, crayons, and color pencils, and have your little ones design their own face paint look here – Carnival Face Paint Design Activity