Style Sunday [Revisited]: To Tutu… or Not to Tutu – That is the Question!

[UPDATED! Originally Posted 1/29/2012]

Since I posted this 8 months ago, the tutu has grown up! Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.  Will you catch me in them? Probably not, but it is good to know that I have options!

Source: via Eva on Pinterest


Source: via Eva on Pinterest


Caribbean women are notorious for not “dressing our age” – and why should we? If we did, playing mas wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! We rarely look our age, and if we do, we definitely don’t feel it.

Looking in my daughter’s closet – she has a tutu in just about every color… some with many colors!  I know when she puts them on she feels fun, “princessy”, magical, whimsical, and beautiful.  I watch her prance around, and I think – “Wow, that looks like fun!”

Is it the way it flies up when she spins that makes her feel like SHE can fly, or the way is stands out from her legs that prompts her to run around in circles on her tipee toes?  I don’t know for sure, but I see the youthful fanciness in her spins and the energy in her poses, and I want it. Designers know we want it – that’s why they make tutus in adult sizes.

It is criminal. The people who create them in any size over a 6 to people other than those who appear on stage should be put UNDER the jail.  Still, the feeling won’t waver. So I went in search of skirts that people over 30 could wear, out in public, and get that tutu-ish feeling.

Here’s what I found…

What do you think of these tutus and not-tutus? Wondering where to get them? Click on the picture to find out where you can get them and how much they cost…