Its About Time: Undone

Source: via Eva on Pinterest


As a perfectionist homeschooling three kids with no time to do anything – this has always been my excuse for not getting things done. Let’s say, I need to get the carpets steamed, but my room isn’t ready.  It’ll take 2 hours that I don’t have to get my room steam clean ready (throw out papers, pack up clothes to give away, etc.).  Before I steam clean the carpets, I want the room to be absolutely spotless, baseboards included – and who has time to do that? Not. Me.

I was taught never to “half do” anything, which can be crippling if it keeps you from doing anything at all.  I have developed this do great or do nothing habit.

My husband has been helping me out by suggesting that I make shorter lists, pick a few things to do in a day, and even if I can’t do everything – I should do something.

So I am seeing that doing half one day and half the next is okay, and doing things in stages can be more productive than doing things in marathon form.

Do you see yourself as a perfectionist? What do you do to stay productive? Do you have friends or family who have this “problem”? How do they handle it? How do you handle them?