flyer for a book discussion on august 29th 2023 with Carol mitchell to discuss her book what start bad a morning. image of carol mitchell is on the flyer as well as an image of the host eva wilson of socamom.

Caribbean Book Club: What Start Bad A Mornin’ Book Chat + LIVE Discussion

“What start bad a mornin’, cyan end good a evenin’.” — Jamaican proverb.

Join us tonight, August 29th at 7 pm to discuss Carol Mitchell’s new novel, What Start Bad a Mornin’! This is your chance to ask questions LIVE and get to know more about Carol and the novel in advance of its release on September 19. Pre-order on Amazon here –

Amaya Lin has few memories of the years before she turned eighteen. Now in her forties, she has compensated by carefully cultivating a satisfying life as a wife, mother, and business professional. Her husband’s law practice is on the brink of major success; her neurodiverse son has grown into an independent adult; and she has come to terms with her aunt’s dementia. This sense of order is disrupted, however, when she encounters a stranger who claims to have an impossible connection, launching Amaya on a tumultuous journey into the past.

Using three interwoven narratives spanning the United States, Trinidad, and Jamaica, Carol Mitchell’s debut gives voice to an immigrant woman forced to confront her repressed memories of violent trauma. Only then can she discover what she is capable of when it comes to self-preservation and the protection of her family.