[VIDEO] 3 Tips for a Better Bedtime – Justin Bieber SORRY Parody

I created this parody for my Copyrights class at Howard University School of Law. 


A long time ago, in a land not that far away, I was a single mom of one adorable little boy. When I tell you he was cute? Laaaahhhhdamercy he was cute. That little face could get me to do just about anything… except budge on that 8:00 bedtime.

For all my years as a parent, I have stuck to the 8:00 bedtime. The night time routine has changed, but if we can manage it, we do something with all of the kids before lights out. It usually involves some sort of party type behavior… Here are some of my favorite activities that lead to a peaceful goodnight.

1. Think. When the kids were toddlers, we either read bedtime stories or did flash cards while they were in their beds. You would think that turning the lights off and making everything quiet would help them sleep more than being quizzed or asked to make up alternative endings to stories, but after 15 minutes of flashcards at the end of a long day… everybody is KO’d.

2. Laugh. Many nights we turn off the lights and tell “switch stories.” Each person gets 15 words or a certain number of seconds to tell their part of a story, and then it’s the next person’s turn to continue the story. The only rule is that it has to be funny, not gross or scary, only funny. I’ve been told that making people laugh is one of the hardest jobs. Apparently it really is exhausting, and will have the kids out like a light.

3. Dance. That is how we deal with that sudden, curious burst of energy that some kids get before bedtime. We turn on the soca, and challenge them to a dance off. At the end of 20 minutes of laughing at us, jumping and waving, muscles are tired, energy is drained, and they pretty much fall asleep in the second round while waiting for their turn to tear up the dance floor.

My first born has gone from toddler to teen, and the 8:00 bedtime isn’t really a thing anymore, but he still gets in on the activities. You are never too old to hear your mom read Fox in Socks.

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How cool is that?! Thanks so much for sharing the video 🙂

Do you dread bedtime? Do you end up giving up on putting the kids to bed just to keep the peace? What are your favorite strategies to make bedtime a breeze? Share your tips in the comments!