What is Boxing Day?!?

10 by 10: Blogs I Checked Out Today December 26, 2012: The Boxing Day Edition

What is Boxing Day?!?

What is Boxing Day? As far as I know, it has nothing at all to do with boxes…. or boxing…

I participated in my first Boxing Day 20 years ago in Trinidad. I had gone to visit family for the Christmas holidays, and was having a ball.  At the close of the evening on Christmas, I had a belly full of pastelles, and red Solo, and I thought it couldn’t get any better. Oh, it gets better.

When we woke up on the next morning, the kitchen was buzzing AGAIN. By afternoon, the visitors had started arriving, and my cousins and I left – not to return until the wee ours of the next morning.  We went from house to house carrying food, picking up food, eating food, listening to music, and hanging out.  It was amazing.

In a lot of countries it is one of the legal holidays, often paid, and for some has become similar to the American shopping day of madness, “Black Friday”. No one is completely clear about its origins, and who is to do what, but for us, as Caribbean people living in the US, it means going to visit family that we didn’t see on Christmas day and bringing gifts from Christmas, food, beer, and anything else we need for a proper lime. We eat, listen to music, and talk – it is a great time. From what I understand, Boxing Day in Trinidad has changed.  I remember asking my cousin, “whose house is this?” His reply, “Not sure” was in contrast to the warm welcome and offers of food we received crossing the threshold into the “stranger’s” home.  That’s because in THAT time, on THAT day, no one was a stranger.

So today for your 10 by 10, go by and visit, hang out, and chat on these Caribbean food blogs websites. Sit back, relax, have some pastelles and ponche creme – I am sure you and your comments will be welcomed with open arms.  Happy Boxing Day!

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What do YOU do on Boxing Day? Share in the comments!