7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Better Than Brunch

Image by Eva Wilson.

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I am not a huge Mother’s Day fan. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I have a mom. I have a mother-in-law too. Still not a fan. Let me clarify. I am not a fan of it in its current construction.

First of all – it is on a Sunday. That means church for a lot of us. What is required for church? Getting kids ready for church. What is that? Work. What is the last thing I want to do on a day that everyone is telling me is MY day? Work.  I should be able to choose the best day for Mother’s Day according to my preference and level of exhaustion.

Mother’s day lunch, brunch, dinner in any form? No thanks. Why? I am glad that you asked.  If we eat at home, guess who is cooking? If I get breakfast in bed, who is responsible for the rest of the meals? Me. If we have company for dinner, who has to make sure the house is clean before and after? Me. All of that sounds like work.  Mother’s day brunches? There are so many reasons that I dislike them, so I’ll just say this, those are work too. Kids spilling things, waiting in line for the coveted seafood or steak? Nah. I’m good.

Pedicures? That is often a Mother’s Day gift giver’s “go to” gift. Did you know that we have to do a pedicure before we get a pedicure just so that the technician doesn’t talk trash about our feet? Work. You know what we don’t want to do on Mother’s day? Work.

Image by Eva Wilson.

For those of you who have moms that are difficult to read when it comes to Mother’s day gifts, here is my list of 7 gifts that are better than brunch on Mother’s Day. These are mostly suggestions for spouses, since they are the ones with the money. Kids can continue to give macaroni necklaces and breakfast in bed. Either way, just let them sign the card… we like that.