Blogs I Checked Out Today! September 3, 2012

Nope, I’m not on Eastern Parkway.

Nope, I’m not at the office.

I am at home thinking about all of the things I could be doing, should be doing, but that I am definitely not doing.

So instead of cleaning out the basement and setting up my studio – hubby is on the couch playing Angry Birds, and I am catching up on some reading… blogs of course!  Usually, I have a pretty huge “honey-do” list for him whenever he is at home, but I figured today would be a real Labor Day vacation.  He asked for French Toast and to be left alone.  He asked nicely, so I obliged him both.

Here’s where I have been today. – Photographer on Pinterest.  I find myself repinning so many of her pins, that I figured I’d find out more about her… @jodimckee on Twitter – I love interesting glasses and chucks, so her OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post was a fun read! @_pretty_pisces on Twitter – Had to speed read the Idris Elba meme that she posted, so that hubby wouldn’t give me the side eye. @guyanesesista on Twitter – One of my BFFs is doing her first giveaway, and it looks like it is going well! I had to take the “new” off of the title of this post because I really do visit her blog all the time. @talkaholica on Twitter – Trying to figure out if I can do the high top wedge sneaker or not.  I have a lot of shoes already, but at $39, I may be able to swing something that is “trendy”.  She makes it look easy. @achicmommy on Twitter – Met her at BlogHer ’12 and had a blast.  Not an army wife myself, but I am still a fan, and also stop by from time to time just to see what else is goin’ on in that mind of hers. @armywives101 on Twitter – Everybody, dads, moms, brothers, uncles, aunts… they all read this blog.  I found out about it from my brother in law who is single with no kids.  The hubby looked over my shoulder and after he finished hollering (with laughter) he agreed that it could be added to his list of websites he’d visit along with and @howtobeadad on Twitter – Commented on her post on tantrums.  She was spot on as far as letting the kid having the fit know what will and will not be tolerated! @nickiesniche on Twitter – Found her blog/website on Pinterest.  She has some beautiful images! @jchongstudio on Twitter – Just tried to get the okay from my oldest to get some glasses with a tiny bit of neon… he gave it a big ‘ol “no” but I am going to revisit it without him… I see how I can add a little bit of fun to my face (and my ears and nails) while keeping it grown and classy. @mariedenee on Twitter – Last, but not least, I posted the link to the post that sent the hubby to buy the CD immediately.  The song and artist she chose to highlight is so wonderful that I put this one last so that I can end this post with some real good chicken.  Need some positive vibes in your life? You need to follow this blog.  Oh – she’s from St. Kitts… 🙂 @embracestruggl1 on Twitter

I visited a few more today, but these were my favorites. Do you have a great post for me to check out? Do you have a favorite blog that you want to share? Comment here and let me know!