Caribbean Mom Chat/Mama Lime: The Talk --

Caribbean Mom Chat/Mama Lime: The Talk

Caribbean Mom Chat/Mama Lime: The Talk --

I am a virgin. If my dad asks? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I can’t say that my mom and dad hid much from us. Honestly, I don’t know where my prudish attitude towards sex in the media and on television came from.  My mom took me to my first Carnival in America when I was a teenager – the skimpy costumes, the gyrating, the wining, the back back, and the push back, had my jaw sitting squarely on the pavement. “Gyahl… if yuh cyan handle dat? Yuh cyan handle Trinidad!” After a few Carnivals in America, I thought I was ready… I mean if my MOM can do Eastern Parkway AND Trinidad at her age? Surely I could too.

I had my son at Carnival in Atlanta and DC in his stroller, and thought nothing of it… but now that he knows what he’s looking at, I’m not so quick to pack the cooler and take him. Why does it seem like Caribbean people let their guard down in certain situations, but remain very guarded in others.  How does the buttoned up doctor end up wining on the equally buttoned up lawyer at Carnival time, but their kids better not get caught with today’s soca in their iPods?

We’re going to talk about all that and then some. We are back for another Google Hangout! We will be talking about the hypocrisy in the Caribbean community when it comes to sex, and how we deal with it as Caribbean moms raising children in America.

Join us for this very special chat by going to and watching us talk live online. You can ask questions and share your own experiences with us on Twitter by tweeting us and using the hashtags #caribbeanmomchat or #mamalime.

Your co-hosts for this live event are Eva Greene Wilson (@socamomdc on Twitter) from, AlysiaSimone (@alysiasimone on Twitter) from Rewind and Come Again, author/blogger Onika Pascal(@onikapascal on Twitter), and fitness blogger and instructor Nellie Acevedo from Brooklyn Active Mama (@BklynActiveMama on Twitter).

Eva Greene Wilson aka “SocaMom” is the editor of and Author of Anancy’s Family Reunion. Her blog posts have been featured on, and republished in b3 Caribbean Magazine (print and online) and Outlish Magazine (online). She has interviewed soca artists Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons, former Essence Editor in chief Constance White, fashion trailblazer Anya Ayoung-Chee, Jamaican TV personality and beauty queen, Kamila McDonald Alcock, Trinidadian stage and screen actress Hazelle Goodman, and other leaders in the Caribbean community about connecting children to Caribbean culture and balancing motherhood, higher education, and career. She was most recently honored with two Black Weblog Awards – Best New Blog and Best Parenting Blog.

Pascalle Onika Goddard aka “Onika Pascal”  is a career savvy supermom-certified Sagittarian-professional introvert-with a funny bone, born in Trinidad, raised in Brooklyn, NY and now residing in Maryland with her 16 year old son. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Medgar Evers College and her Masters of Professional Studies at The George Washington University. In 2008 she self-published a book of poetry entitled, “Collections of a See Through Soul – Portraits,” written under the pen name Onika Pascal. Shortly after, in 2009, she released a second volume of poetry titled, “Collections of a See Through Soul – Bardvillian Symphonies”.  She has contributed to Outlish Magazine (online) and eWoman Magazine (online). She hopes to release more literary works in the future.

AlysiaSimone is the founding editor of an online exploration of the Caribbean-American experience. She is also project
manger for Witness Project, an arts based youth initiative that is working to change the culture of violence in Guyana, South America – but her most important role is that of mom. Addressing a roomful of poker-faced Caribbean ministers is a walk in the park compared to the work of raising her two amazingly intelligent yet “headbangingly” frustrating teenage boys in their home in Brooklyn, New York.

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