[VIDEO] Family Night Out with AT&T at the Nation’s Classic

When I tell you this fall has started out busy… my goodness! The parental rat race is in full swing and with lessons and classes, rushing to get in last minute visits and vacations so that we don’t have to travel when it is cold (not my cup of tea), and the usual busy family schedule, sometimes plain old fun gets put on the back burner. AT&T gave us tickets to the Nation’s Classic football game showcasing the “real HU” rivalry between Howard University and Hampton University.

I was able to give away four tickets to the game, so a Socamom reader was able to enjoy the game as well! I love having these great experiences, but bringing people with me and being able to share the fun with my readers is one of the real perks of being a blogger.

My two youngest had never been to an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) football game, and my oldest hadn’t been to one since he was three. They had two goals. 1 – Eat. 2 – Watch the halftime show. They did both. We hung out in the AT&T suite and enjoyed plenty of food and drinks, so they were set on that front.

The kids and I aren’t huge football fans as far as watching the actual game goes. For us, it is all about the atmosphere, the excitement, and the energy that comes from being around people who are football fans. My husband wasn’t sure who to root for, but he did wear red – so I guess Howard was his team for the evening.

Howard didn’t come away with the “W”, but we sure did! The kids had a blast and were able to see a different side of HBCU life. They’ve seen photos of me on the football field and basketball court as a cheerleader, but my stories aren’t nearly as exciting as seeing it in real life, full motion, with their own eyes… and of course – not their mom. Nobody wants to think of their mom shaking it fast in spandex pants in front of a crowd, so as expected, the halftime show was really the highlight. The nine year old has always planned to go to Howard, like her grandma and grandpa, and she’s been learning ballet, African dance, and now jazz, so she was mesmerized by the different types of dancers and cheerleaders on the field. They were all brown like her so she was really inspired. When she watches football on TV with daddy, college and professional, she doesn’t see many people on the field that look like her. She really could SEE herself in the uniform and on the field.

As for the boys, they tolerate football, but I wouldn’t really call them huge fans. The ten year old loves music and making beats, so he was enjoying the drummers and the musicianship of the band during halftime. It is amazing when you think about it – they can keep time, create intricate formations, and play the instruments… and eventually drop it like it’s hot. You haven’t lived until you see a guy playing a giant tuba whip… then nae nae. The teenager was mesmerized for an entirely different reason. I won’t go into it. But he’s a teenager – If you have seen an HBCU halftime show, you get it.

Right after the game, we picked up my mother-in-law and headed down to South Carolina for one of those last minute visit/vacations I talked about. [Mom tip: Nap during the day and drive at night to save time and money by minimizing bathroom and food stops on road trips.] Stay tuned for the recap of our trip… sun, sea, sand, and SHARKS!

If you missed the game, check out the halftime highlights… what do you think?

Disclosure: I was given tickets to this game by AT&T. All opinions are my own.