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So I woke up this morning, late for everything because I worked late last night.  Missed my first lesson with the kids because I was already late and there was ice and snow (mostly ice) all over the windows and windshield of the car.  Came back in, did the lesson here at home, made breakfast, hustled the other ones out the door for their practices, set baby girl up at the computer for her online lessons, and then finally got to check my phone for new mail and messages…

My account had a trailerload a mail in it, and one of the messages was – “Congratulations! You have been featured on Bloggers as one of the bloggers of the day!” So THAT is where all the mail in my inbox came from!  I was sitting here thinking that my last few posts were genius, and people must be commenting like crazy – but alas – not so.

After I did my happy dance, much to the confusion of baby girl, and discomfort of my brother in law – I proceeded to log in and see if it was really true… and here it was… is Featured on

Then I had to get up close and really look at it…

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The hubby is doing a dance for me now. Equal parts entertaining and disturbing.

Happy Saturday everyone!