image with blue background and the words I am the midnight robber written and illustrated by daniel j obrien

Carnival Tuesday Book Launch of I Am the Midnight Robber

Book launches are always a lot of fun. It is the day that all of your hard work goes on display for friends, family, and fans. I was honored to be the host of author and illustrator Daniel J. O’Brien’s Carnival Tuesday launch of his new book, I Am the Midnight Robber.

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The lead up to the launch included contests, virtual jump up with Instagram filters, and more. Check out the replay of the launch below that includes a performance by the amazing Joshua Orr, video from the virtual jump up, videos of Daniel O’Brien working on the characters, a reading from the book, and more.

The book is available to buy now here –

If you missed the discussion with Carol Mitchell and Daniel O’Brien about how publishers, authors, and illustrators work together. Check out the replay here to learn more about the business of Caribbean books.

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