Just One Mile: Gentrification in Congress Heights, DC

Who Lives Here

Just about everyone in the neighborhood of about 60 homes on 3 streets and a cul-de-sac were black when we moved in with the exception of our neighbor who lived in the basement and leased the top two levels of his home to a black family. He was rarely there. Even after all the homes were constructed, the racial makeup stayed the same except for three Hispanic families that moved into the three homes on the cul-de-sac.

I don’t know what everyone does for a living, but I do know that by 10 am, the streets are pretty much empty. I assume everyone has gone to work. If vehicles are any indicator, like my next door neighbors two 2014 Range Rovers, they are all doing fairly well – but we know that vehicles aren’t always the best indicator. However, as far as Congress Heights goes, this little patch of heaven was exactly that – a patch.