Just One Mile: Gentrification in Congress Heights, DC

The Projects

Recently there have been some huge projects underway on the one mile stretch of Mississippi Ave between Alabama Avenue and 4th Street. The tennis center had several indoor and outdoor courts that were by no means overwhelmed with users. Somehow it has ended up undergoing an $18 million renovation. http://dgs.dc.gov/page/dgs-southeast-tennis-and-learning-center-project.

Just up the street from the tennis center, the pool is also being renovated. http://dgs.dc.gov/page/dgs-oxon-run-play-dc-playground-project. The pool sits between an elementary and a middle school… both schools have been renovated in the last 12 months. Across from the middle school is the most dramatic change to Congress Heights, Ballou High School, known more for violence and underachievement than academics.. http://dgs.dc.gov/page/dgs-ballou-high-school-modernization-project . The expected cost of the project when it was approved in 2012 was $120 million.

Pic of old school from DCPS website. I never saw grass this green or trash free.

All gone. Funny, but not, the sign says, “Remembering Marion Barry.” That is another story in itself.

Another view of the old school. I used to hate coming here to vote. It was really nasty.

What’s left.

What is there now.

More to come…

What they are building across from Ballou… from the high $300’s.