15 thoughts on “Geoffrey Owens, Actor, Known as Caribbean American Elvin Tibideaux on the Cosby Show, Takes a Job at Trader Joe’s… AND?!”

  1. I don’t knock his hustle at all. Entertainment is a fickle industry. Meanwhile Trader Joe’s offers good wages, health insurance, and retirement benefits. The only hard part is being recognizable.

  2. I’m so happy he was able to get an acting job from all of this. I hate that someone tried to make him feel bad about having a legal job. His interview on Good Morning America was great.

  3. We are all just trying to make it. I think it is awesome he got a job and provides for himself. I also think it is sad he needed to be defended.

  4. I love MimiCuteLips dot com and it was afforded me some amazing opportunities. However it does not pay my bills. Yes, you will see me on TV, and interviewing Denzel Washington and traveling and livings my best life with Babe and out kids. However I have a 9 to 5 that I have zero plans on leaving. I am not ashamed either, I would totally work at Target so I can get more than 5% off for my many purchases. He is a man first and he is providing for his family and “aint no shame in that.”

  5. It’s crazy how we can pass judgement on people. Especially those who used to be in the limelight. I’m so glad he spoke out and he did so with pride and dignity.

  6. I love how so many people came to his defense. In this economy with student loans and housing costs skyrocketing, I think a lot of folks saw themselves in Geoffrey Owens, knowing just one late payment or mistake could land them at Trader Joe’s or any other retail job.
    Did you see the latest? Tyler Perry hired him. “Won’t He do it? Said he would!”

  7. I don’t even get what the problem is. People really don’t understand the importance of a job no matter the person’s background. I don’t get it. Further more, Trader Joe’s like so many other companies like it take good care of their employees. Better than some Fortune 500 companies. I understand that Geoffrey Owens is amazing in live performances. I hope he gets some major acting gigs and keeps his Tjs job.

  8. The story definitely brings to light that people need to mind their business and stop passing judgement. But as it goes, this all may have been a blessing in disguise for him.

  9. I say let that man live and do what he wants or has to do. I’ve taken jobs other than my norm to support my family and can careless about judgement. Kudos to him for not whining but taking the initiative to still be about his family and craft!

  10. People can be so cruel! I mean why is this even news, we have all been there before where we need to make ends meet and that’s exactly what he was doing. I respect him as a person and a man for doing what he needs to do!

  11. The person who thought they were exposing him must feel like a fool now. This is a good story about staying humble and doing your thing because he had good intentions everyone knows how hard the acting industry can be and I am happy this “outing” gave him the exposure to get some gigs finally!

  12. Well he has the last laugh. He is now booked with gigs and it just goes to show you stay humble and keep your heart in the right place and the universe will turn it around. I bet the person who exposed him really feels crazy.

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