I AM a Caribbean Mom: Joanae King of Naetorious.com

Meet Brooklyn raised Trini mom, Joanae King! She is a wife, mom, and blogger currently based in Atlanta – home of the first Caribbean Carnival I ever attended. Check out this fun chat, and visit her blog for more “Naetorious” fun.

Socamom: Hi Joanae! I love your blog. Tell us about yourself!

Joanae: My parents are from the sweet island of Trinidad! I was raised in Brooklyn, New York, which might as well be the Caribbean. My upbringing screams “West Indies”, and I’ve adapted a few habits within my own parenting. I’m 33 years old married to a man with Jamaican upbringing.

Socamom: What is it about being a Caribbean mom that makes you different from parents from America?

Joanae: I really think that West Indian patents instill plenty of independence. I was washing and cooking small meals while in the 6th grade. There seems to be a more lenient parenting style in America.

Socamom: When did your children realize that their mom was different from other moms?

Joanae: [Laughs] The time when one of their friends came to the door and greeted me with “ZANIYA HOME?!” No, “Hello Mrs. Dog, Cat, or animal.” Nothing! I informed the child that if you cannot greet the bill paying adults in this house, “don’t ring meh bell!” I proceeded to close the door and went about my business. That’s when my daughter knew that her Mom was a wee bit different.

Socamom: Is there something about being from the Caribbean that has shaped who you are personally and or professionally? What is it?

Joanae: Absolutely! Personally, I am a lover of all things soca! I even have a nickname (which I shall not share). [laughs] Something about the rhythm that hits me in a way that no other melody can. I know that’s from being born on Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn, entering the world while a while borough is in full costume – embracing the culture. As far as professionally, my mannerism differs from my colleagues. What I deem as a normal level of respect, they deem obsessive.

Socamom: How do others (co-workers, friends, family) benefit from you being of Caribbean descent?

Joanae: They call me the life ah di pahteeee! (Life of the party)… I’m fun, cultured and a great resource on Caribbean culture!

Socamom: How do you keep your children connected to Caribbean culture?

Joanae: The music. Even though we live in Georgia, I try to expose them to the music add much as I can – the food too! I cook Caribbean dishes such as curry and stew chicken, peas and rice, plantain, green banana, and saltfish. My kids are so American… They’ve got to get culture somehow! [laughs] We are also going to be visiting both Trinidad and Jamaica very soon.

Socamom: What is your favorite Caribbean Mom Quote?

Joanae: GO PAUL LUCK EH SEE PAUL LUCK! (What’s good for them, may not be good for you!)

Socamom: What are your favorite 3 Caribbean dishes? Do your kids like them?

Joanae: Oxtail with rice and peas (Family favorite) Curry Chicken and white Rice (Not their favorite but it gets eaten) saltfish, green banana and bake – only 1 of 4 children approve.

Socamom: If you could move to any Caribbean country, which one would you move to and why?

Joanae: I would move to Tobago. It’s close enough to family, but not that close. [laughs] Beautiful beaches, and a relaxed setting.

Get to know more about Joanae on her blog – http://www.naetorious.com

She is a marital Influencer and blogger who writes about all things marriage and family. Naetorious is a brand built on a “Hitched and Shameless” lifestyle, devoted to inspiring the health of marriage and family in the Black community. Check out the Black Wives Matter tee in her shop. She created it to build encouragement in all aspects within the Black women as she helps build and nurture her and her husband’s legacy.

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