I HAVE a Caribbean Mom: Author Virginia Krebs

When I started blogging several years ago, “Virginia Krebs” was a familiar name on RSVP’s to Caribbean Parenting in our area.  I am pleased to introduce this author and mom to you and have her tell you what is special about having a Caribbean mom.

SocaMom: Tell us a little about yourself!

Virginia Krebs: I’m from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. I lived in Toronto, Canada, Frankfurt, Germany, and presently Washington DC. I speak English and German. I worked many years in hospitality, but decided to become a children’s author after my son was born. Watching my son and seeing the things he enjoys doing with his dad have played a large part in influencing me to become the author of the book “Treasurable Moments with Daddy.”  Besides writing I enjoy traveling – trying new recipes – reading and getting to know people from different cultures.

SocaMom: What makes you different from your American friends?

Virginia Krebs: Caribbean moms enrich their children’s lives with strong opinions about life and always offering wisdom whether or not you want to hear them.   I know that these teachings play a great role in my life and help me to make good decisions. The one that stands out to me is “So ef yuh fren jump off a bridge yuh aguh jump aff too?” Meaning, if your friend jump off the bridge are you going to follow?

SocaMom: Tell us about a time that you realized that your mom was different from other moms.

Virginia Krebs: When I wanted to sleepover at my friend’s house and my mother said, “No way, no how.”

SocaMom: Is there something about being from the Caribbean that has shaped who you are personally and or professionally? What is it?

Virginia Krebs: For many years I have watched my family struggle. However, I have never seen them give up on life. They always held their heads high and were very proud. Watching them, I have learned that your circumstances may be out of your control, but it’s your thought that shapes who you are.

SocaMom: How do others benefit from you being of Caribbean descent?

Virginia Krebs: I think my co-workers benefits from my work ethic and willingness to continuously educate myself. I hope that my Caribbean upbringing and my examples will help shape my son, niece, and nephews.

SocaMom: Growing up, how did your mom keep you connected to Caribbean Culture? How do you keep yourself connected now?

Virginia Krebs: Spending time with family, telling embarrassing stories, and eating Caribbean food.

SocaMom: What is your favorite Caribbean Mom Quote?

Virgina Krebs: “Anting stay too long serve two masta…” Meaning, take advantage of what you have before someone else takes it away from you.

SocaMom: What are your favorite 3 Caribbean dishes? Do you make them, wait for friends or family to make them, or go to a restaurant?

Virginia Krebs: Oxtail, festival, stew peas… I do make them – but to be honest my mom and aunts make them much better…

SocaMom: If you could move to any Caribbean country, which one would you move to and why?

Virgina Krebs: I have to say Jamaica; it the land of my birth.

Her Book

Virginia Krebs is the author of Treasurable Moments with Daddy, a children’s book about how fathers can spend special moments with their children.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vkrebsbooks

Xlibris: http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/Default.aspx?bookId=SKU-000936141

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UuYY7Q


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