Iwer! Butterfly! Shadow! Wave!

[VIDEO] Iwer! Butterfly! Shadow! Wave!

Iwer! Butterfly! Shadow! Wave!

Get ya rag, get the kids a flag!

The kids dancing in this video are so cute! I remember going to see Colin Lucas – he was in his bike shorts – with my mom, brother, and cousins at a party in DC when I was a teenager.

That was the great thing about a lot of Caribbean parties when I was growing up – EVERYBODY went! Young, old, didn’t matter… we all got to dance and have a good time.

Today, I’m gonna teach the kids this dance.

The music coming out right now may be too risque, but the “jump and wave” era has some kid friendly (or at least kid reasonable) music that I can share with them.The sound on this video isn’t great, but once they see the dance in this video, you can listen to the song here.  Enjoy!


Iwer, Butterfly, Shadow, Wave!!! Enjoy everyone!

What soca did you grow up on? Did you start going to parties with your aunts, uncles, mom, and dad?