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Shoe Deals of the Day: Cabin Fever Edition

Two days in the house.  I have yet to really do anything on my “to do for me” list, like organize my shoes, for fear that I’d get started, get in a groove, and Miss Sandy would be like, “no ma’am” and snatch out a power line.

We haven’t lost power or anything, so school is still in for us – but the darkness and wind has made us all sleepy and a little blah.

Now I just NEED some sunshine – and some shoes. Nothing beats some good online shopping to break my cabin fever – so here are some that I found that made me smile…

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Mad I didn’t get the flowery ones when they were on sale – but I’m watchin’ to see if they go on sale again.  I don’t care if there are no flowers out in the fall and winter – they can be on my feet, no problem.  Love the boots. Makes me want to tie something around some boots that I already have. And these red beauties from – don’t come in my size… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I’m okay though.  Even though I can’t have it – you can still enjoy them… in red, black, or camel!

Enjoy and stay safe…

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