Mom is Funny

My kids swear I am the funniest mom ever – they probably mean sarcastic, but thanks to me, they can’t really tell the difference. Some lovely people from Huffington Post Parents noticed that I was sharing some of my funny mom moments on Twitter, and I ended up having my tweets featured in their “Best Parenting Tweets” for a few weeks.

I told the kids, who were initially excited, but after week 2, they were like… but you are always funny – that’s just YOU. What they don’t understand is, I’m not the funny one.  They are a HUGE part of what makes me funny.  I just have internet access, and they don’t.

People who know me and my crew, know that this is just the tip of the funny bone.  I can honestly say that I have a wonderful time joking around with the kids and listening to them as they develop their own sense of humor.  Their knock knock jokes are painful at best, just not funny at worst, but their spontaneous moments, conversations, and observations are fantastically funny.  Every now and then I’ll ask them, “where’d THAT come from” when they say something particularly amusing.  They always say, “well, my Mom is funny, sooooo…..”

If you say so.

Dad is Fat  ::

This post was inspired by the novel Dad Is Fat by comedian Jim Gaffigan who talks about his adventures co-parenting 5 kids in a two bedroom Manhattan apartment. Join From Left to Write on April 22 we discuss Dad Is Fat . As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.