Socamom Joined The Student and Professional Organization of Trinidad and Tobago’s #SpottChats on Twitter!

To celebrate Women’s History Month, I joined The Student and Professional Organization of Trinidad and Tobago on Twitter to talk about blogging, business, and Caribbean Parenting.

The “SPOTT” is an organization that emphasizes building connections with Trinidad and Tobago students abroad and professionals at home by providing a space for Trinidadian students and professionals to build lasting professional relationships that contribute to their personal and professional development. Check out the full conversation on Storify at:

See some of the questions and my answers from the chat below.

@The_SPOTT: @SocaMomDC you  celebrating 5yrs! Congrats! What inspired you to start blogging? #spottchats

SocaMom®: I saw how hard it was to connect my kids to the #Caribbean community in the US, & I knew I wasn’t alone. #spottchats

SocaMom®: Once I had a few connections, I used the blog to share with other moms like me. #spottchats

@The_SPOTT: Do you believe that it is harder to be a parent now than it was for your parents generation in the US?@SocaMomDC #spottchats

SocaMom®: I think it is harder ’cause everyone is in everyone else’s business. Even if you don’t put it out there. #spottchats

SocaMom®: Everyone has advice on how you should do everything. Without social media, they were free to parent. #spottchats

@adamraffoul: @SocaMomDC  what will you define as Caribbean parenting? How is it different from North American parenting? #spottchats

SocaMom®: On the surface, it is what we eat, listen to, and the values we teach in out homes. #spottchats

SocaMom®: In a deeper level, it is the connection we give our kids to their history and culture. #spottchats

@The_SPOTT: We encourage folks to stay connected to thier home countries. What are some ways you do that. Mentorship? Business? @SocaMomDC #spottchats

SocaMom®: I’m VP of the Howard Caribbean Law Students Assoc., & I try to connect the two that way. Providing info. #spottchats

@DiasporaDee: What is some advice you”ll give to young women who wish to follow in your footsteps?@SocaMomDC @The_SPOTT #spottchats

SocaMom®: Do what you love, and do it like you love it. Don’t 1/2 ass anything. Whole ass everything. LOL! #spottchats

@MiksWrites: Simple question. How did you get started? #spottchats @SocaMomDC @The_SPOTT

SocaMom®: My husband & I code,  so when I had the idea, we started! I went to @beblogalicious in 2010 for basics. #spottchats

@CarryOnFriends: @SocaMomDC baxcova you’re the real MVP code from scratch?! #spottschats

SocaMom®: I was doing it all, and my husband was like… no ma’am… open source. Mambo, then Joomla. #spottchats

@adamraffoul: @SocaMomDC Do you believe that all the school violence we are seeing is due to a bad parenting?How do we bring bk familyvalues? #spottchats

SocaMom®: Kids are frustrated, they act out. Parents have to work so much harder to stay afloat. Time is an issue. #spottchats SocaMom® added,

SocaMom®: I think children are frustrated. They don’t know their parents. Kids need to know them and spend time. #spottchats SocaMom® added,

@The_SPOTT: @SocaMomDC you shared with us the do’s . What are some lessons learnt while building this blog ? #spottchats

SocaMom®: Don’t waste time watching what other bloggers are doing/getting/saying. In short, mind your business. #spottchats SocaMom® added,

@The_SPOTT: @SocaMomDC  any cool things or upcoming features we can expect from the blog/you this year?

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