[VIDEO] My Kids Review of Starlink Battle for Atlas for PS4

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I was never THAT into video games. Not at home anyway. I grew up with an Atari with “cartridges” that had the games we played on them. My mom let me have two games just to say I had something, but it wasn’t anything that I was into. When I was at home, the last thing I wanted to be doing was sitting in front of the TV and playing games that were pretty much one dimensional.

I played games when we went out the the arcade, and by “games” I mean one game… Pole Position. That’s all I did. Hours on end til my quarters ran out, or I got hungry. These days, kids have these amazing games that take them to cool new planets, and in the case of Starlink Battle for Atlas, different biomes and ecosystems. They stretch their imagination further than Ms. Pac-Man or Pole Position ever could have taken them.

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My younger kids don’t play a lot of video games, and they usually don’t get into shooting or space games. But when they do, it is important to ME that they aren’t too grown up, and important to THEM that they aren’t “boring.” I think we have a happy medium…

What you need to know:

  • – Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
  • – Starter pack retails for 74.99
  • – Great option for tween boys and girls, not ready for older kids’ games.
  • – Open world play and exciting challenges without the unsafe interactions that are common in other games.
  • – Appropriate in content for children 7+ years old.
  • – Exotic alien worlds of the Atlas star system, seven unique planets, each with its own ecosystem, wildlife and secrets to uncover.

Starlink Battle for Atlas Game Review

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack includes a controller mount, which allows kids to connect your starship and pilot the controller. Mix and match weapons, pilots, and starships and watch the seamless transition happen in-game. Kids craft their own Starship loadout from their arsenal of wings, hulls, weapons, and pilots. They can connect modular toys to the controller mount and see them come to life in game instantly. Two players can play using one or more ships and accessories for the ultimate in teamwork. You can get additional physical Starlink: Battle for Atlas starship, weapon, and pilot packs at participating retailers. The packs range in price from $7.99-$24.99.



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Shop now: FULL STARTER KIT+ GAME – https://amzn.to/2PrXtwd, $39.99!

What was your favorite video game when you were growing up? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] My Kids Review of Starlink Battle for Atlas for PS4”

  1. I am interested in this for my 7 year old.She is kind of into a few video games on old school Nintendo WII . I love the fact that it is age based so not too intense for the kids.

  2. This sounds cool, my son just turned 14 but he might be into it. He loves games and we do have an Xbox 1. My daughter is almost 7 and she has started getting into video games as well. I will check it out, I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping.

  3. This sounds like a pretty cool game for kids! Your daughter did a great job reviewing it! My favorite childhood game, like most 80s/90s babies would have to be playing the Nintendo w/the Super Mario Brothers!

  4. First of all… video games have come a LONG way! lol My kids would laugh at the games I used to play. My son would really like this game. He’s really into video games these days. It’s like his new favorite thing.

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