The SocaMom Pledge

The Socamom Pledge – Take it. All the hottest moms are doing it!

  1. I will give my children cultural experiences that include those of the Caribbean, as well as those all over the world to reflect the diversity of their Caribbean heritage.
  2. I will support other mothers in their efforts to raise well rounded, confident, educated citizens of the global society.
  3. I will share my family history with my children so that they can share it with their own children one day.
  4. I will protect my children and keep them out of harms way by teaching them good eating habits, sleeping habits, and monitoring their online and offline activities.
  5. I will encourage my children to use their education and talent to make positive changes in their community and the world.
  6. I will work to improve myself and commit to lifelong learning.
  7. I will educate myself on the latest tools I can use to take care of my children physically and emotionally.
  8. I will believe in my children.

A Socamom gives, supports, shares, protects, encourages, works, educates, and believes. Most moms are already doing this, and don’t think twice about it – but people love you for it, and we want to acknowledge you here! To sign the pledge, click on the comments link and type in “I will.”