is a Finalist in the Black Weblog Awards! Thank You for Voting… :)

The final days of the presidential election are here.  Five days before we find out who will be our POTUS, we will find out if will be the Best Parenting Blog and the Best New Blog for 2012!  Voting has started and continues through October 23, 2012 – Black Weblog Awards! is a finalist for Best Parenting Blog and the Best New Blog. Here is a tip to help you find where to vote – hold down control and the letter “f” after you go to the website to vote – here – and type in “socamom”, and then enter.  This find feature will help you find any instances of “Socamom” on the page, and you can click the button next to it to vote.  Voting takes just a couple of seconds, and you don’t have to vote in every category.

Remember, is a finalist in two categories, so vote for for Best New Blog and Best Parenting Blog.

Thank you so much for your vote!

Press? Download the press release: icon Caribbean Parenting Website is Chosen as a Finalist for Best Parenting Blog and Best New Blog in the Black Weblog Awards 2012 (72.72 kB)