Where’d You Get Your Glasses? The Famous @BlogHer Frames from @Americas_Best

When I cut my hair, I replaced the time and money that I spent on my hair (which wasn’t really that much) with time and money searching for great accessories – including glasses.

My BFF of 20 blah blah years told me that she went to America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses, and even though she couldn’t get two pairs for the advertised price, she still got a great deal.  I checked them out, and 7 years later, I just got our first pair of kid’s glasses for Mr. Social.

Mr. Social got it honest.

His dad and I both wear glasses, so we figured it was just a matter of time before one – or all – of our kids ended up with them. Mr. Social’s pediatrician told us we needed to get him to a pediatric opthamologist sooner rather than later, so we did.  He had failed his eye exam.  She looked at his eyes, went through the routine check up, and started to tell us that she was surprised that he was sent to her because his vision was nearly perfect.  Then she dilated his eyes and got a closer look.

“Oh.” That was all she said at first.

“I see why – he has astigmatism… serious astigmatism.” So the bottom line was, his eye has an “interesting” shape, and to keep him from getting a lazy eye, he should be wearing glasses for all reading activities.

So of course, we headed over to America’s Best to get his glasses – he was so excited. He decided on a pair of “church” glasses and his “outside” glasses, and got both pair for $69.95.  The whole family went to pick up his glasses with him.  Daddy took an hour off of work… it was kind of a big deal.

Today I went and got another 2 pair for $69.95.  The eye exam is included, but since I just had one, I just picked out some colorful frames.  So, to those who had me remove the glasses so that they could get the name/product number off of them, and those friends on Facebook who are in love with them – here’s the info on my BlogHer frames.

Brand: Just

Color: Tortoise/Crystal

Number: JUST204

Store: America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses

These are one of 2 pair that I got for $69.95, exam included…

I got them in tortoise, but they come in black too!

Eva Wilson with the Lorax at BlogHer 2012.

You see that… You see! Even the Lorax is eyeballin’ my glasses… 🙂

Stay tuned to see the glasses that I picked out this time!