Reaction #14 to “I am homeschooling my children.”

What made you decide to do THAT? (Translation: Are you crazy?)

Nope, not crazy.  We had a whole lot of reasons for doing it, so there was no one deciding factor.  I have a gifted daughter,  who needs special attention and a constant stream of information.  She wouldn’t get that in your standard Kindergarten class, especially since she did Kindergarten/1st grade at 3.  What on earth do you do at 5 and 6?  I had a son who scored “post high school” in reading, comprehension, and several other areas, but was below grade level in math.  If I am paying for school – that is unacceptable (he could be behind for free).  My middle son is interested in business and cars.  That’s it.  He wants to know how a combustion engine works… at 7… I doubt he will get the information he wants and needs in a regular first grade classroom.

As parents, I feel that it is our job to give our kids the best we can give them.  I felt like homeschooling was the best I could give.