Screenshot of Eva Wilson on the Covid-19 Homeschool Panel

Should You Virtual School, Homeschool, or Send Them Back During the Pandemic?

I was on a panel with four women, including three doctors, to discuss the upcoming school year given the pandemic. Dr. Renee was the moderator, Dr. Ericka is a psychiatrist, Dr. Francine is a mother, pediatrician, and COVID-19 survivor, Dominique Jordan Turner is an author and motivational speaker.

Each speaker had a different perspective, and the discussion was energetic and informative.

Dr. Renee was the moderator for You may have seen her at the April and June SocaMom Summits, where she moderated the Covid-19 discussion with the doctors.

Dominique Jordan Turner is an involved mom who is ready to send her daughter back to school when it opens. She is the CEO of Chicago Scholars, an author who wrote a book with her daughter during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a motivational speaker.

Dr. Francine Pierce is a pediatrician with Franciscan Health in Illinois. She is a mother of three, and a COVID-19 survivor. She and I were on a panel for about How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus in May.

Dr. Ericka Goodwin is a psychiatrist who works with adults and children, and she is an author of Fix Your Fairytale: A Woman’s Guide to a Great Life, Love, and Legacy.

Screenshot of Eva Wilson on the Covid-19 Homeschool Panel

I really enjoyed being on this panel. As a former homeschooler, I am still nervous about the start of the school year because we aren’t able to homeschool the way that we used to. My kids started school in the public school system this past school year, and our system is doing virtual-only for the first quarter this year. It was nice hearing from experts on mental health and physical health, as well as from a parent with opposing views on schools re-opening.

Check out the replay below.