Blogging While Brown 2012 Recap: The @shearadiance Party at #bwb2012 hosted by @afrobella [PHOTOS]

(Everyone wanted to know – I got the dress from NY & Company! Yep… I love it too…)

Okay – for ME, this was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend with the bloggers and speakers from Blogging While Brown in Philadelphia.  Afrobella, a Trini, hosted a party for Shea Radiance, a Maryland (DC area) based hair care company, at a Caribbean lounge!

@shearadiance on Twitter | (there are more party pics there!)

Um, does it get better than that for a soca loving Trini with natural hair? I don’t think so.  When the music started up during the heavy hors d’oeuvres, @beesince83, @nubiansoulslocs and I were having difficulty staying still.  Bloggers came and went, but many of us stayed for the soca.  @luvvie, @shanselman, and @drgoddess were the stars of the soul train line.  The soca was good, but brief.  I had a fabulous time, but my age started to show as soon as the soca stopped and the hip hop started.  SocaMom was out!

Afrobella and Socamom at the Shea Radiance Blogging While Brown Afterparty

Eva and Patrice aka @afrobella (Chicago via Trinidad)

Socamom, BeeSince83, and Nubiansoulslocs at the Shea Radiance After Party

@socamomdc, @NubianSoulsLocs (Toronto via Guyana), and @BeeSince83 (Toronto via Jamaica)

Eva and Lovette “Luvvie” Ajayi  aka @luvvie

Eva and Lovette aka @Luvvie

Eva and Scott Hanselman at Blogging While Brown 2012

Eva and Scott aka @shanselman

Now SHE knows how to enjoy some soca!

Even though this pic is blurry, I had to post it.  She really got me moving while I waited for the soca to come on. I can still hear Philly designer @ruthkalinka saying, “Get those shoulders loose!” Love her…

“After the party it’s the hotel lobby and…”

I hopped in a cab and headed back to the hotel where a wedding party to end all wedding parties was coming back in from a night of serious partying.  @drgoddess, @shansleman, @luvvie, @afrobella, GM and a few others of us sat in the lobby talking about the fashion parade in front of us, zombies, and next year’s venue for Blogging While Brown.    Once I had reached full exhaustion, I headed upstairs to pack up for DC.  The afterparty was a great way to get to meet some of the bloggers that I didn’t get to connect with during the conference.  Thank you to and Shea Radiance for a wonderful time.  I can’t wait to review the products that I got at the party!  Stay tuned…

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