“Gym Boots” and Gender Equality: 19 Writing Prompts to Inspire and Enlighten Your Daughters and Sons

These writing/discussion prompts are only starting points. Feel free to alter these to reflect the issues that affect your family and your community specifically. I encourage you to add a racial component as well, since race also has an major role within the gender equality issue. You can use these prompts  to spark discussion at the dinner table, get the conversation going on long car rides, or for writing prompts for homeschoolers.  It is easy to get girls fired up about gender equality, but nothing is really going to change unless everyone champions the cause. My boys will be working on these writing prompts as well. Here are just a few writing prompts and topics to research, consider, and discuss, that we are doing this spring and summer, as a family. Hopefully, this will get us thinking, as a family, about how we can support each other.

  1. Why women in professional sports should be paid as much as men playing the same sport.
  2. Why ticket prices for women’s professional sports should be the same as men’s ticket prices.
  3. Why coaches for women’s professional sports should be paid the same as coaches for men’s professional sports.
  4. Why women in technology should be paid as much as men with the same job.
  5. Why women should have access to the same amount of venture capital funding as men for technology driven businesses
  6. What can be done to even the playing field between boys and girls in early science education
  7. Name three technological innovations/scientific discoveries made by women, and explain how they changed the world
  8. Why is it important that women and men make the same amount of money for the same work?
  9. What would you tell someone who says that you can’t do something because you are a girl/boy?
  10. What are some of the advantages of being a girl or boy, if any? What are some of the disadvantages, if any? What would you do to eliminate those disadvantages?
  11. Are there some things that boys can do better than girls? Are there things girls can do better than boys? What are those things? Explain.
  12. What are some of the craziest things that you have heard someone say about being a girl/boy? What were you thinking when you heard that?
  13. Do you think that boys and girls should be in the same classrooms or separated? Why?
  14. How do you feel when competitions are boys against girls or men versus women? Should people compete along those lines?
  15. Why is improving the lives of women in other countries important?
  16. What would you do to improve the lives of women around the world?
  17. Whose responsibility should it be to address gender issues?
  18. Who are the women in your family that you see as role models? Why?
  19. Name three women that are not in your family that you look up to. What qualities do they embody that you admire?