“Gym Boots” and Gender Equality: 19 Writing Prompts to Inspire and Enlighten Your Daughters and Sons

Here are some topics to think about before and during your discussion of the writing prompts.


Professional sports


Salary caps

Why more value is placed on men’s sports

Which sports pay equally and which ones do not

Leadership in sports governing bodies

Government subsidies for professional sports (stadiums, tax breaks)

Title IX


Final product has no relation to gender

Number of women in science/tech

Respect and trust of women in science

Women who were science and tech pioneers

Are women discouraged from being scientists

Number of women in leadership in science/tech

Statistics showing wage gap in technology based jobs


Where does gender bias come from

History of gender bias

History of women in the workplace

Impact of family on income and vice versa

New gender roles and responsibilities in the household

Wage gap statistics

Salary negotiation


Initiatives to improve women’s lives in poor countries

Roles of women in various countries

Global poverty statistics

Education statistics

Income disparities

Social status of women and girls

Matriarchal societies vs. Patriarchal societies