“Choubles” Chinese Doubles in Trinidad


Photo: Screen Capture from Choubles Promo Video

Russell Aching and his wife, Joelle Bellemare-Aching, head up the advertising agency Saga Studios. Choubles started as a quick question to friends and has become yet another step evolution of doubles, a popular food in Trinidad.

When speaking with the Guardian, Russel Aching says, “We do a lot of out-of-the-box creative stuff for our clients and we wanted to develop a strategy to show just how creative we could be. This was a project to prove a point.” According to the Guardian, “among the points Aching wanted to prove were that Trinidadians need to think out of the box and also that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business.” The couple sees choubles as not only patriotic but an expression of cultural diversity. Bellemare-Aching said the creation of choubles represented the couple’s passion for unity.” The Aching’s stated to the Guardian, “We are always dismayed at the disunity in T&T and by negative race talk. This fusion of foods, of cultures, really, gives us something beautiful and different. You have East Indian, Chinese, Trini, all coming together.”

Interesting… would you try it? Do you think this will make it to the U.S.?  I see Wendy’s in the background of the video, so I think it’s only fair that we see Choubles here!  On Twitter, Trinis are suggesting that the inventor should get a Nobel Prize or something.  It’s THAT serious.

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