New Activity Sheets: Cloud Types

Today’s science lesson was about cloud types, and for some reason my little ones just weren’t getting it. One of the great things about homeschooling, for me, is that I can change my approach on the fly to match the learning styles of the kids.  The second time that I went through the material, I assigned a dance to each cloud type.  Anytime I said that cloud type, they would have to break into that dance.  Well, they remembered the dance… cloud type, not so much.

Next, I took to Google images to see if I could find a worksheet of some sort that no only summarized the characteristics of the clouds, but also gave me good images – found some, but none that I liked.  So, while the kids worked on a worksheet provided by K12, I created some worksheets of my own.  The kids loved that  I had made them on the fly just for them, and they finally got it.  The poems may be a little corny – I didn’t have a lot of time to get fancy, but the kids liked it!

These worksheets summarize everything with rhyme, ask three questions, and give the kids a picture that they can keep in their minds.

Download them here:

iconCumulonimbus Cloud Coloring Sheet, Poem, and Questions

icon Cumulus Cloud Coloring Sheet, Poem, and Questions

iconStratus Cloud Coloring Sheet, Poem, and Questions

icon Cirrus Cloud Coloring Sheet, Poem, and Questions

Let me know what you think! Do you have any interesting ways that you have taught your kids about cloud types?

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